As you have seen the last days, we're working on a multiplayer mod of GTA3.
We're currently working and testing very hard and here's a list of features of the first release of GTA3AM, not pretty much... but it works:
- 2 players supported for now
- gta3am currently only supports multiplayer in cars, players on foot can't be seen yet
- currently gta3am uses the previous car-method to display the other players car, that means the previous car that
you were driving belongs to the player on the other computer.
- car models can't be displayed yet, there are too much problems with GTA3 crashing when the car model of the
other player is loaded. That means that the player2-car, which the other player is driving, is tuned.. so it drives
like that car, but the car model remains your previous car.
- working on synchronization of data: when player1 sends to player2, player2 sends to player1. Included in first release.
- gta3am is a program that runs, so the only thing you have to do is start a server, let the other player join.. press a
key to activate the multiplayer, and play! Very simple.
- working on a good layout for the program, and it might be able to integrate gta3am in GTA3.
- gta3am works with memory adresses of GTA3, pretty hard to program.. so any help is always welcome!

The first release can be downloaded here: GTA3 ALTERNATIVE MULTIPLAYER VERSION 0.1a
This version isn't tested yet, there could be some bugs in it.. please post any bugs or problems with the program in the forum under the 'problems/bugs' section.

[][][] Instructions how to get started with GTA3AM [][][]
Start GTA3AM, and you will see the GTA3 Admin Console. Under the Multiplayer-tab, you can start a server, join a server.
To start a game, click Start Server and start GTA3. Let the other computer start GTA3AM, join your server (typing the ip-address in the textbox and clicking 'join server'), and start GTA3.
On the server-computer you first have to enter a car (doesn't matter what type), then immediatly exit that car (so that the car you've just been used, the 'previous' car, is available for the other computer),
and enter another car (this is my second vehicle, doesn't matter what type). Then the other computer (client) should do exactly the same, and when the other computer is in the second vehicle too,
the server-computer should press ALT+F12 (or any other key listed under Keyboard Shortcuts, '(CHANGED) Activate/Deactivate Multiplayer') and now my previous (first) car should belong to the client now.
[For example: I start GTA3, start my savegame in Shortside Hideout, walk to my banshee in the garage, enter my banshee, when my player entered the car,
I step out of the car, I walk to my stinger, enter my stinger, wait until the other computer is in a second car too, and then I press ALT+F12 and my previous car (banshee) should be moving like the car on the other computer.]

The source code is also available, please this first:
GTA3AM (programmed in VB6) uses source code of the GTA3 Admin Console (available from Estetiksoft).
To understand the code used in GTA3AM and the GTA3 Admin Console, you must first read the docs included with the GTA3 Admin Console-packages available from Estetiksoft above.

You may modify the code but not distribute the code or program asking charge.

We need some help to develop further release of the GTA3AM, so if you want to help.. please post a message in the forum under the 'programmers' section and I will reply as soon as possible
Sorry for the mess up here, but I haven't had much time to complete the website and a stable release.