.:Current version: 0.2A:.

Posted by: IJsVogel, 02.03.2003 14:37
Check our the newest movie Crazy Jumping from Electric_soul and dmn, you can find the link under the Media page

Posted by: IJsVogel, 01.03.2003 17:18
The Readme file that we forgot to include in the package of GTA3MTA v0.2a is available under the Documents page.

Posted by: SiQDiZ, 20.02.2003 11:51
We've just uploaded the new version of GTA3: Multi Theft Auto, v0.2a!. Currently available for download!

GTA3:Multi Theft Auto v0.2a
This is the second alpha version of the first Multiplayer Mod for Grand Theft Auto III. GTA3:MTA lets you play GTA3 thru LAN or an Internet connection with somebody else. Currently only duel-play (2 players) is supported, but we're working very hard to get at least (probably) 8 players to play with and alot of other features. This Alpha version is not a stable release yet, so there could be some problems with it, but far less than the earlier version 0.1a. The pedestrian-method is replaced to the next version (sorry, we won't move it to 0.4, i'm sure it will be included in 0.3), so we're still using the previous car-method in this version :()
A list of included features:

- bugs fixed (for example: xp 'out of memory' bug, etc.)
- far more improved layout and GUI (quick hideout warps, connection details, etc.)
- added serverbrowsing support thru IRC
- ingame chat added
- outgame chat added
- most unused code is deleted
- added port 2004 for ingame/outgame chat
- some other small improvents not mentioned here

Posted by: IJsvogel, 11.02.2003 23:05
As you might have noticed we had a few hours downtime today. Because the pageviews on this site are increasing explosive we went over our datalimit in no-time. Thanks to our belgian friends over at www.gameforums.be we could have some space on their host. (Blokker_1999, dude you r00l :) )We'd also like to say thankyou to Kick who is able to host our binaries and our videos, keep up the good work lads!

Another thing of interest, we've opened an IRC channel, you can have a chat with us and many other MTA fanboys and fangirls at #GTA3MTA on QUAKENET.ORG.

Posted by: SiQDiZ, 19.02.2003 00:51
Due to heavy traffic on our site / filemirrors we cannot guarantee 100% availability. If you can mirror our site or if you can mirror our files please contact us on the forums.

More news today, check the list of features for the next upcoming update :p

New Features:

- walking-feature
- chatting
- in-game messages when somebody is connected
- remove the previous-car-method
- replacing it with the pedestrian-method
- better layout
- and more..

releasedate: Can't promise anything yet, we will keep you informed :)

Posted by: IJsvogel, 11.02.2003 23:05
The first release, v.0.1a is now ready to be downloaded! Please check the downloads section for the file.
This version has been tested a couple of times now, but of course there are some bugs in it.. please post any bugs or problems with the program in the forum under the 'problems/bugs' section

Posted by: IJsvogel, 11.02.2003 23:05
As you have probably already read on your games related site, we're working on a GTA3 Multiplayer Mod, called GTA3: Multi Theft Auto.
We're currently working and also testing very hard and here's a list of features of the first (early in development) release of GTA3:MTA, of course not pretty much... but this is just to show you that it's working.

- Currently there are only 2 players supported yet
- Players on foot can't be seen yet, so you can only see each other while driving in a car :)
- For now, GTA3:MTA uses a so called 'previous-car method', which means that your previous car belongs to the other player.
- Car-models are not working yet, so you don't see the car where the other player is driving in (you're seeing just your 'previous' car driving), but the car is tuned and drives like the car where the other player is driving in (mass, max. speed, etc.)
- There is some sort of (very simple) synchronisation implemented in the first release
- GTA3:MTA runs on the background, so you have to connect to your server with GTA3:MTA, run GTA3 and start playing! It's not implemented in GTA3 yet, we're working on that :)
- In the next release: code is rewrited, that means that the program is more stable and running faster, new layout, using pedestrian-method instead of previous-car method (so it might be possible to see each other then). Keep checking this site for the newest releases!

Posted by: SiQDiZ, 11.02.2003 22:45
New Website goes live!, any comments, please make a thread in our forums

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