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CSS Layout

22 jan. 2004 by EIDe

Just some information about a way to show the maincontent on the page.
Text/story/news layout:
<h5>Date, composer, etc.</h5>
<p>The text/story</p>
<div class="comments"><a href="[...]">Comments</a></div>

The class comments can also be used without the "comments" text
(<div class="comments"></div>), then it won't be visible, but the next item will be 50px under.

Some classes:
<span class="small">[...]</span> Small text
<span class="large">[...]</span> Large text
<div class="hr"></div> A black horizontal rule, fills 99% of the width.
<img src="[...]" alt="[...]" class="nobrd" /> The nobrd class removes the border around linked images.

The classes lf and rf is a left floater (lf) and a right floater (rf). They can be used in almost all tags.

The classes alignr, alignc and alignr aligns the text to the left (alignl), center (alignc) and right (alignr). They only work with block elements, like div, table etc.

The float and align classes are classes I usually just throw into whatever CSS file I make.


22 jan. 2004 by EIDe

This template is valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 (using no tables)
Valid XHTML 1.1

Why couldn't w3c make good looking images?
The XHTML badge use no special class, while the CSS badge use the nobrd tag to hide the 2px border around the linked image.

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MTA 0.4 (60%)
MTA:VC 0.3 (100%)
Core 0.4 (10%)

Latest Release

MTA:VC 0.3r2
(01 jan 2004)